Top Reasons To Join The Defence Forces

Let us bust a myth today that people join the defence forces for a good salary package and secured life style. Well, that’s not the truth. They join the defence forces to use their skills for the greatest cause. Every year, a vast throng of Indian youngsters stay eager for the release of notifications of the defence exams to come closer to their dreams. They study hard to enlist themselves in the prestigious Indian defence force that is known for its sacrifice, honesty, discipline, and valor.  Do these honors also inspire you to join the Indian defence forces? If yes, then start to prepare for the defence exams. 

There are so many privileges that come with joining the defence forces. The best part of joining the defence forces is the friendship level that you share with your other colleagues. Well, there are other reasons as well that inspire crores of Indian youngsters to enlist in the defence forces. To know those reasons, continue to read this article. 

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Here, take a look at the prominent reason that inspire the Indian youngsters to enlist in the Indian defence force:

Golden opportunity to serve the nation

No one can deny the fact that serving the nation at the cost of your life is a golden opportunity that so many Indian youngsters strive for. It is not a cakewalk to achieve this opportunity as you have a heap of challenges to win. Keeping your life in peril for the protection of others is admirable. That’s why every Indian soldier deserves great honor and respect. The passion to serve the nation even makes them survive in the world’s most dangerous situations. Thus, joining the defence forces gives you the golden opportunity to serve your nation. 


Do you feel wonder at the friendship bond that army personnel shares among themselves? Yes, there are so many movies in India that have perfectly depicted the friendship level that the Indian army personnel shares with each other. The movie “ Border” has done its best in showing unity and friendship among the soldiers and is inspiring millions of youth to serve the nation. The recent blockbuster “Shershah” (lion king) based on the life of Vikram Batra is a must-watch film.  No friendship can match the bond that the army personnel shares with each other.


Are you fond of facing new challenges? If yes, then joining the Indian army is the best option for you as there is a heap of new challenges awaiting you during the preparation and even after clearing the defence exams. Helping people in life-threatening situations is one of the most difficult challenges that our Indian army is accustomed to. Even you must have seen how the Indian army rescues residents in dangerous situations such as floods, landslides, fire, earthquakes cyclones, internal attacks, and external attacks. If you love meeting new challenges then, consider joining the defence forces. 


Every single person in the entire world seeks reputation or wishes to be treated with respect among relatives. Joining defence forces can help you with that. Well, if you are a soldier, then naturally this means that you are disciplined, punctual, and helpful. There is a very special palace for the Indian soldiers in the heart of Indians. Whenever we think of a soldier then we don’t only feel safe and proud. But we also think of a hero who is busy saving us from different situations. Thus, enlisting in Indian forces can get you the most reputable job. 

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So, now you must have gained a clear idea that why so many Indian youngsters stay crazy to enlist in the Indian defence forces. Well, to become a soldier, you must be honest and helpful. We hope that the above-written pointers have successfully thrown light on the reasons that inspire the Indian youth to enlist in the Indian defence force. 

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