Top Medical Universities In Russia At Affordable Fee

The Best Medical Universities In Russia

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You have come to find the Top Medical Universities In Russia to study medicine in Russia and we have compiled a list of over 25 Russian universities for you.

You will find detailed information about these universities in this article, so read on so you don’t miss anything.

Why Choose A Foreign University To Study MBBS In 2022?

With the current crisis related to the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus, the tasks and responsibilities of healthcare professionals seem challenging and even more so.

The COVID-19 epidemic has dealt a blow to Pakistan’s education system.

At the same time, the need for doctors and local clinics to provide emergency medical care to citizens of the country, who still do not have access to many basic clinical services, often grows exponentially.

At the same time, questions arise that call into question the national education system and its functionality with regard to the professional development of students.

Can the National Medical Council and government structures in Pakistan meet this need?

Are there enough places to fulfill the quota of student recruitment?

Is the quality of medical education in Pakistan high enough to produce excellent doctors?

Let’s find out what is the current scenario of medical admissions in Pakistan and decide whether options like Russia are trustworthy or not!

Types of MBBS colleges – seats BDS colleges – seats

Private colleges and recognized universities 260 35 540 263 23 260

Total number of MDCAT visa seats 532 76,928 313 26,773

Notes: The college statistics in the table are subject to constant fluctuations, but it can be seen that the average remains constant throughout the year.

Despite the fact that every year 6,50,000 students apply to study medicine in Pakistan, the number of vacancies for doctors is limited.

The total number of seats in public and private medical colleges averages 65,000.

Thus, the number of students who have applied for individual seats for MBBS and BDS programs is close to 200.

Why is studying medicine in Russia the most attractive option for Pakistani medical students?

Studying MBBS in Russia

Russia has all the elements that a foreign country should have to attract the attention of international students.

If you want, Russian universities will offer you everything to make your dream of becoming a doctor a reality.

If we look at the data on foreign students in Russia, we will see that a large percentage of the population from different countries reaches 3% of the total number of students in Russia.

Not surprisingly, a significant percentage of these students are from Pakistan.

Russian medical universities occupy more than 30 places in the world ranking of medical faculties.

FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) is the most important requirement for students studying abroad to obtain a legal license to practice medicine in Pakistan.

The role of any international university is very important to help Pakistani students to clear the FMGE exam. The good news is that Russia is one of the countries that have legitimate experience in conducting consistent examinations.

Results of Pakistani students in FMGE exams by country.

Country Enrolled (2015-18) Passed (2015-18) Percentage.

Bangladesh 1265 343 27.11

Philippines 1421 365 25.69

Armenia 1097 237 21.60

Georgia 1682 348 20.69

Ukraine 8130 1224 15.06

Russia 11724 1512 12.90

Nepal 5894 1042 12.60

China 200019 2363 11.80

Kyrgyzstan 5335 589 11.04

Kazakhstan 1393 143 10.27

Currently, more than 10,000 Pakistani students are studying in Russian higher educational institutions under various educational programs.

According to the Embassy of Pakistan in Russia, 80% of Pakistani students in Russia study only medicine.

MBBS program advantages in Russian medical universities

Course Name M.D. (Doctor of Medicine)

MBBS Course Duration 6 years (1-year internship)

Language of instruction Russian and English

Number of Pakistani student places A/N

Acceptable PCB is 50% (gross) and 40% (res.).

Age limit for candidates 17 years (minimum) – no upper limit.

MDCAT Entrance Examination Requirements – Mandatory

IELTS / TOEFL – optional

PMC-approved universities 54 Medical schools

Average university tuition fee Rs 2 lakh – 4 lakh (per annum)

Average hostel cost Rs 20,000 – 70,000 (per annum)

Date of implementation April

Application deadline September

Course start date October

General Institutional Accreditation of the Russian Federation Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Recommended University Lomonosov Moscow State University

Now let us briefly remind you why it pays to get medical education in Russia:

Medical education programs at Russian universities are practice-oriented and taught in English.

Russian universities are internationally recognized by many medical councils, such as WHO, UNESCO, PLAB, and especially the National Medical Commission (PMC).

These universities offer low-cost medical programs, especially compared to Pakistan, where tuition fees range from lakhs to millions of euros.

The only requirement to enter Russia is to pass an entrance exam.

Exams such as IELTS, TOEFL or other equivalent exams are not taken into account for admission to Russian universities.

The country’s culture is easily adaptable

Foreigners do not feel threatened or persecuted because of racism, fascism or violence of any kind.

Universities have a special leisure program for students.

You are allowed to take part in various competitions, Olympiads, and contests to develop your full potential.

All Russian state universities have well-equipped dormitories and comfortable accommodations with all the necessary living facilities.

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