The Best Blogging Sites in the 21st Century

LiveJournal is a free social network and blogging service where users can build their own individual page and post in the community. Its main features include a comment section, a friend list, and user information, such as interests and communities. Users can also pay for premium features like voice posts and extra storage space. Tumblr … Read more

Techpally educes AI in Content SEO and Marketing

Artificial intelligence – AI for short – is being tested in more and more disciplines in online marketing. The Techpally agency tested how AI can be used in search engine optimization.  We spoke to the group CEO Akin Chaktty about the first findings of his SEO-AI experiments. Search engine optimization can be divided into different … Read more


1. Review Your Homepage Messaging For utmost bloggers, the maximum number of visits they admit is to their homepage. Norway- grounded electronics manufacturer Tandberg, which has now been acquired by Cisco, increased its super eminent generation by nearly 50 percent from a plain homepage CTA that combined other rudiments like images, mottoes , and captions. Still, your homepage is sure to attract callers from social media spots, search machines, If you have been promoting your blog aggressively.Then’s a case study on how Alex Chris, author of Digital Marketing Pro, generated further than,000 callers each month from his homepage. He displayed five sticky posts along with a list of some intriguing trending posts and included a must- read section on the sidebar.Another great illustration in this … Read more