Tablet operation at EUR1 for students. What is a good price?

The free government tablet yesterday announced an operation that aims to offer Internet access at EUR1 per day using 3G tablets. How do you feel about this proposal?

The government, through the person of Laurent Wauquiez, our Minister of Higher Education and Research, today announced M6 as an initiative to ease users to access the Internet with EUR1 per day using 3G tablets. Do you have a view about this deal?

From a practical point standpoint the possibility of offering a 3G tablet , such as iPad 2 or the iPad 2 or the Galaxy Tab 10.1 priced at EUR1 per day and the option of a subscription with Orange which is the only operator that has responded to the request at this moment, isn’t the most interesting thing to do. . Actually, it’s an ornamental window.

Orange offers the iPad 2 or a Galaxy Tab 8.9″ in this deal, but you will need spend EUR1 each day over two years to use the tablet, along with the data allowance is limited to one GB per month. The calculation is simple and the tablet costs EUR1 and EUR30 each month over two years 30 times 24= EUR721. At this price, we get a tablet that comes with an offer that grants up to recharge up to 1GB per month information (EUR3 to 100MB) Access to Orange Wifi Hot-Spots as well as on the plus side unlimited email attachments.

Sources The Sources: Orange page on the Proxima Mobile offer on the Galaxy Tab . ODR Samsung – Orange offer on the Galaxy Tab . Orange offer on the EUR1 USB keys . Fnac offers to purchase Acer’s Acer The Aspire One netbook . The packages are the same 1GB of data per month. unlimited email and Orange WiFi Hot Spots and Reloading Possible.

If you examine the latest offers offered by the operator it is apparent that they have almost identical models available for a lengthy time from Orange to use the tablets. So Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9″ 16GB 3G with a monthly subscription that costs EUR18 each month over 24 months is currently available for EUR249 due to the refund of EUR100 provided by Samsung . The total is EUR681so for the exact tablet, which is 39 euros less than the student deal plus 20 channels on TV. The only benefit of the student deal is not being interrupted by TV while you focus on your research. Also, it gives you the benefit of not needing to pay the initial EUR249 amount to purchase the tablet.

I decided, as a purpose of evaluating the it would cost for it would cost for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wifi 16GB tablet costs, which I paid fully with the consumer credit amounting to EUR500 from an unknown company. The tablet is available at EUR489 on Amazon France. The total price that the loans are 536.07EUR for a loan of 500 EUR subject to the repayment of 35EUR each month, in 15 monthly installments and then a final rate of 11.07EUR. It is obvious that I did not include 3G as a service in the loan but since each student has a cell phone and a phone, I’m sure he’ll soon find a way to connect his tablet to the phone for quick and reliable internet connectivity. .

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