Best Puzzle Games for Android

Puzzle games were formerly a basic genre with a straightforward concept. You solve riddles for time-killing delight. However, the genre exploded on mobile devices. In fact, it is among the most popular genres on the platform as a whole. It began with basic viral games such as 2048 and progressed to truly engaging experiences such as Monument Valley canada fast immigration.

This is unlike PPSSPP games or other role playing games out there. Graphically and in terms of game play, there are now some excellent puzzle games available for Android. The days of ultra-simple mechanics and visuals with ludicrous concepts are over, replaced with intensive and complicated applications with innovative storylines and superb graphics.

Baba Is You

Baba Is You is one of the most engaging Android puzzle games. The visuals aren’t really impressive, but the low-resolution design allows the creators to accomplish all sorts of strange stuff. The game allows you to alter its own rules by rearranging programming pieces. You utilize these programming blocks to alter the puzzle’s rules in order to solve it.

Each alteration interacts with the others to produce a variety of unanticipated outcomes.

It is certainly one of the most original puzzle games, comparable to Monument Valley. This ought to be more well-known than it is.

Blue Wizard Digital

Blue Wizard Digital is a Google Play publisher. Two good puzzle games are available. The first location is Slayaway Camp. You play a serial murderer who avoids the police while slaughtering victims. The second is the 13th of Friday.

There are several similarities, but there are over 100 levels of gruesome deliciousness. These games are not appropriate for youngsters or individuals with sensitive stomachs. They are otherwise exceptional horror-puzzle games. The cost of Slayaway Camp is $2.99. Friday the 13th may be downloaded for free and has in-app purchases, but it is not a freemium game.

Bridge Constructor Portal

The game is mostly a Bridge Constructor. You construct a bridge from one end of the level to the other using several tactics and components. Each level is made more enjoyable and demanding by the Portal mechanics. It has 60 levels (test chambers), a multitude of Portal allusions (including voice acting), and additional content such as Google Play Games achievements.

Bridge Constructor Portal costs $4.99 and has no in-app purchases or advertisements. It is an outstanding puzzle game. This game is also free to play for Google Play Pass members.

The Eyes of Ara

The Eyes of Ara is one of the list’s more recent puzzle games. It brings to mind legendary puzzle-adventure games such as Myst. Players explore an universe in search of clues, discovering secrets, and piecing together the narrative from pieces of tale found in the game environment.

It has exploration in a 3D environment and surprisingly good visuals. The developers complete out the experience with achievements, support for nearly a dozen languages, and a basic user interface that prioritizes the game’s universe.

Faraway 3: Arctic Escape

Faraway 3: Arctic Escape is a puzzle game released in 2018. It has a range of riddles comparable to those seen in console games such as The Witness. Each of your many boards need a solution.

Each of the game’s 18 levels include a range of puzzles and a storyline. This is the third installment in the series, and the first two were also quite enjoyable.


Gorogoa is an outstanding puzzle game. The game displays several graphic panels. Players arrange the panels to form a tale. You must organize hundreds of illustrations that all contribute to the game’s primary narrative.

It largely focuses on the visuals to tell the tale, as opposed to having the player read a lot of text. It is an engaging way of narrative, and the puzzle aspects are easy to solve. This is an outstanding puzzle game.

Hello Neighbor 

Hello Neighbor is one of the most original mobile puzzle games. You wish to investigate the peculiar behavior of your neighbor. Thus, you repeatedly enter the residence without permission. After each intrusion, the neighbor constructs defenses depending on your entry and escape techniques.

You must adapt your tactics accordingly. This was a highly successful PC game, and the mobile version is nearly same but with mobile controls. There are also aspects of terror and suspense in this work. This item is pretty costly. Due to its price, the criticism is rather more severe. Nonetheless, it is an excellent game with an original theme.

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